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Local Government Anti-Poverty Learning Network.

To support the implementation of NAPS at local level, including the embedding

of social inclusion in local government, the Combat Poverty Agency (CPA), in

conjunction with the D/EH&LG and the OSI, established the Local Government

Anti-Poverty Learning Network in late 2000.

The overall aim of the Network is to promote and support the development of

a strong anti-poverty focus within a reformed system of local government. It

is managed by the CPA, with the assistance of an Advisory Committee and a

Steering Group. The OSI is represented on both of these.

The objectives of the Network are to:

    * provide a forum in which local authorities can share experience and consider

       how to make the maximum contribution to policies to tackle poverty and

       social inclusion;

    * support and assist local authorities to incorporate a strong anti-poverty focus

       within their work;

    * enable local authorities to share information about developing new and innovative

       projects and initiatives; and

    * exchange different local experiences and best practice.


The total budget for this initiative is _1.474 million over a four year period. Since 2000,

the Network has supported a range of activities including Network meetings, grants,

information provision, training and research.

An evaluation of the Network is currently being finalised. The D/EH&LG, the OSI and

the CPA are involved in discussions regarding the future progression of the social

inclusion agenda at local authority level.

In addition, the CPA, supported three local authorities to develop a local anti-poverty

strategy in 2003. The three local authorities were Donegal, Westmeath and Cork City.

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